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Twin Hydro Carbons supply a variety of solvents which are used in metallurgical industries, often for the extraction of uranium and copper, as well as the formation of mining-related decreasing products.

Other applications include high flash point aliphatic properties for the explosive industry, de greasing fluids for the mining industry and domestic wax & polish purposes.



Fluiden 1528

Fluiden 1528 is a wide cut aliphatic solvent used in paints and polishes where a slow dry rate is needed.



Fluiden 1528

Fluiden 1828 has similar characteristics to Fluiden 1528 as it is used in applications where a high flash point is needed, it is more commonly used as a solvent in the metallurgical industry in the extraction process of uranium and copper. It is also used in the mining sector as a degreasing agent and it complies with the Chamber of Mines flash point requirements.


Shellsol 2325,

Shellsol 2325,  is a slow-evaporating hydrocarbon wide cut mixture composed of  paraffin, cycloparraffin and aromatics. It has a high flash point and boiling point of 220 & 250C.



AH1925 is often used in industrial polishes and a diluent with a high flash-pint and low aromatic properties, it can also be used in the meteorological industry.

Furthermore, we supply white spirits, benzine, turpentine and 6 different wax grades. Contact us today.

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