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Diesel, Petrol and Illuminating Paraffin

93 Octane Petrol

93 octane petrol, as its name suggests, contains less of the flammable hydrocarbon substance that keeps your car going. It is a cheaper option compared to 95 octane and the perfect economic choice if you mostly drive around town and in high-traffic areas.

95 Octane Petrol

95 octane petrol has a greater amount of flammable hydrocarbon. Its higher compression peak increases the engine performance of your car. If you often travel long distances or own a performance car, 95 octane fuel is a better but more expensive choice.

50 parts-per-million Diesel

Diesel, like petrol, is produced from crude oil. Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) is used for both cars and freight vehicles such as trucks, trains, buses, boats and tractors. Diesel is denser than petrol and has a different smell. Diesel engines don’t have spark plugs and this fuel is ignited by compressed air. ULSD is a cleaner-burning fuel than either 93 or 95 octane petrol.

Illuminating Parrafin

Illuminating paraffin is a low-sulphur fuel synthetically derived from crude oil. It is one of the cheapest energy sources and is used by millions of South Africans for cooking and heating. Paraffin also has practical uses in the medicinal, agricultural and cosmetic industries.

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Twin Hydro Carbons supplies 93 and 95 octane petrol, 50ppm diesel and illuminating parrafin.



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