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Burner Fuel, Boiler Fuel

Twin Hydro Carbons supplies fit for purpose heating fuels typically used in boilers, kilns and furnaces. These applications can be founded in multiple industrial business segments.

Light Boiler Fuel/Burner Fuel

LBF is a special blend of low-Sulphur refinery components blended to compete with typical OEM recommended boiler and furnace fuels like kerosene and diesel.

LBF is extensively used in small boilers, thermal oil heaters and burners where low viscocity is important and no pre-heating for atomization is required. LBF is a cost effective and low-Sulphur fuel comparable in energy value to most recommended boiler fuels

Industrial Boiler Fuel/Burner Fuel

IBF is a water white, high output heating fuel typically used in sensitive applications where energy is paramount.

IBF is used in all types of boilers, kilns and burners. It is typically applied to applications that are Sulphur-sensitive, low in ash, requiring fuel lubricity and high energy content.

Black Burner Fuel

Heavy Furnace oil (HFO) 150 and 180 is any industry standard fuel that comes in two viscosities and is manufactured at major oil refineries.

Applications for HFO are those that are not sensitive to ash content and is used in large boilers, kilns, ad as a startup fuel in power generation. This fuel must be pre-heated for atomization and combustion, and in application where nozzle clogging is prevalent.

THC LO6 – Black in colour, similar to LBF.

Residual fuel oil (RFO)

This is derived from re-processed used automotive oil. It burns at ambient temperature, has a high calorific value, and is more economically priced than the white products. It is widely used in the manufacturing, construction and mining industries.

Eco fuel

Eco fuel is fuel is derived from the rubber pyrolysis process. It has a high calorific value, it burns at ambient temperature, and has a fluid viscosity. This product is better priced than the white products, and us used in the construction, manufacturing and mining industries.

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